Shruti has been working with me on my Natural Skincare range now for almost 7 years. She has constantly worked on my e-commerce skincare website as well as designing promotions and offers, magazine materials, leaflets, blogging, copy writing, contract writing, marketing campaigns, social media marketing and others – the list goes on. She never fails to impress me and she really goes above and beyond for a very affordable price. Her work quality is excellent, she has a great eye for detail, is very creative and resourceful, very timely and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone! Begonia Skincare

Shruti has been helping me with my Wellbeing Coaching business for a couple of years now. She designed my website – and all those that I have shown the website to have been impressed – she completely undercharged me! She has also helped me in designing my course and workshop materials, promotional tools and will be training me in social media in the new year. She has gotten to know me well as a client and friend over the years and so I really like the consistency – she says and does things like I would – so I do not hesitate to give her free reign. She has a wide range of skills and her work is very diligent, innovative, she has patience and is a great teacher. I would definitely recommend her to others wanting extra support in their coaching business. Annette Unigwe, Wellbeing & Midlife Coach

Shruti has been managing our social media marketing for some years now – she continually attracts a lot of new clients to our apartments through her marketing strategies. She has also designed our menus, in-house promotions, website, adverts and deals with all our marketing needs. She always tries to be innovative and fresh with her designs – knows where to target our clientelle and keeps on top of everything with little involvement from us. We are very happy with her services for our apartments! Wayside Beach Apartments

Shruti designed our website, promotional materials including the banner and manages the social media marketing. She has been able to target local centres in East London as well as private clients for our catering services and this has resulted in increased quotes and leads leading to more work and revenue. Housewives Delight Catering

Since we bought the property 2 years ago, Shruti has been managing all our marketing – social media as well as brochures, leaflets, online advertising, promotions and also designed the website. She has been able to spread the word quickly about the Villa which has increased our business and we are never short of enquiries and bookings. Casa Bella Watamu

Shruti has been managing our property website and all our marketing needs for the last 7 years. She has managed to devise promotions that have increased the online presence of our apartments quickly and we have a loyal customer retention as well as get new enquiries from new customers regularly. She has also designed our promotional material and leaflets as well as our newspaper and marketing adverts. The Planet Apartments

Shruti has been managing our promotions and social media marketing since we opened in March 2017. Our wine shop has quickly developed a fan base and she is continually designing promotions for us every month. We have had a good reputation built very fast and our business has become very well known locally very quickly with increased sales and revenue. Much appreciated! Lickety Split Wines & Spirits